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Monday, April 19, 2010

Huh?? Where am (was) I???

I'm baaaaacckkk....!
Actually I've been here all along, but I accidentally (or was it???) got locked in my regift closet organizing all of those holiday gifts... boy was it crowded in there---

Ok, really there has been max family drama this new year, and also for some reason this blog was chosen as one of the lucky few to be redirected to other various websites for the past several months, anytime someone tried to access it, including me. Some of the sites were not any that I would be proud or willing to be associated with, either, and so I apologize to anyone that was possibly offended, confused or disappointed. (Or for some, perhaps none of the above...glad I could link you up!) I wouldn't have been so bothered if they were redirected to my website, but noooo--- it seems as if the bug has been eliminated--hopefully permanently. Very frustrating indeed.

In any case, I am gradually getting back in the game. I will be updating my website as well, so keep checking it for significant info--!(That hasn't been updated since December, either.) As for tweeting--- well that has been neglected as well, along with my Facebook what exactly have I been doing??!!
You'd think that as an "author", and someone who is rarely at a loss for words, especially the written ones (ever get a short and sweet email from me?? Exactly!) I would be glued to the computer chair 24/7 tapping the keyboard more productively and frequently. Must be due to all of my time being spent in front of the TV,with my feet up, eating bon bons. (at least that would explain my expanding waistline--)

To help with my time management, and so that I can start and complete all of my daily tasks, including my social media management, I am using a timer now when I'm at the computer--like I do with the kids (so I don't lose my focus when I'm--HEY LOOK! There's a dust bunny!!) 30 min. at a pop 6x a day. Think it'll help?? Wait! It's time for another Lifetime movie so I have to sign off now. I'll continue this later on. I actually do have some important stuff to say...! Now where is that box of bon bons...??

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why return it when you can graciously regift it??

It was one of the merriest Christmases ever! How about yours?? With our holiday budget cut in half this year, and some fairly large, unexpected pre-Christmas expenses...(dog surgery, car issues...)spending huge amounts of $$$ on good gifts for family, friends, and others was simply not an option this year. Apologies to any friends, family and others who felt slighted, or ignored this holiday. You were still in our thoughts and prayers. No baking got done, old decorations were used, cards barely got sent, and aside from a Wii as a "family gift" for the kids--big and small-- many of the gifts passed out on Christmas morning were regifts, and we had a blast! The kids thought it was fun coming up with ingenious ways to "graciously regift" items that they chose from various places, including the regift closet. Although some of the regifting to mom and dad were gifts already given to mom and dad, which wasn't quite the idea, but it was good for alot of laughs! We put the kids on a "treasure hunt" for their gifts and so it added to the fun. Not many "regiftables" were received this year, either, (except for the some of the ones re-regifted--!)Needless to say, the regift closet did not get an inventory boost this Christmas! I hate to say it, but I think we may have even learned a valuable lesson or two. Because we paid more attention this year to the real "reason for the season", hopefully we set the stage for 2010, and living--and gift giving-- more frugally this year is not going to be an issue. We had alot of fun together as a family and when the AMX bill comes, we won't go into cardiac arrest. Ironically book and jewelry sales did not adequately supplement the income as we had hoped, but the future is still ours to see... Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Regiftng Day Special: Yes or NO, here's my answer...

Ok, I figured out a way to answer my reporter friend, and for all of the anti-regifters... you can read it in the Dear Goddess column, but quite simply it still boils down to this: The way that you regift (or present the present!) is more important than why you are regifting in the first place. 

Anyone can simply regift, but “gracious regifters” are those who take regifting to a classier and more personal level, and seriously strive to make a “regiftable” gift a suitable item to give as a present to a person they care about.

There are no bad regifts, there are only bad regifters. 
Hopefully one day, everyone will recognize the difference.


I have it on "good authority" that TODAY IS Regifting Day.... but hey, I'll celebrate it tomorrow, too!  (And the next day, and the day after that....!) In any case, I will also be celebrating, of sorts, with Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post today at noon 
if you care to listen can even field me some of those burning regifting questions and dilemmas you have been meaning to ask me.  I received one (which I haven't posted yet because I'm still trying to figure out how to respond) from a reporter who was extremely anti-regift but who was tasked with writing an article about it with a "positive spin" and he was hoping I could help him out. Not long after that I got a phone call from "another" reporter, oddly with a similar story.  I did my best to convince him that it wasn't that big of a deal, and if he didn't want to do it, fine, but he shouldn't be so hard on those who may regift to him (although he would be one I wouldn't necessarily "graciously" regift to...!) He seemed a little miffed and insulted when I told him he had already regifted because he said --rather proudly, I might add!-- that he usually bought several of  the same things to use for gifts when he got a great deal-- "Well, then, Mr. Non-Regifter Reporter, those are considered BIB's and so you have regifted...!"  He was not at all amused when I explained that I made up the rules and I added some new ones... There has been a few articles printed that consisted solely of my name and book title so I'm not sure if any of those writers penned the question sent to me, but I have my suspicions...!  
In any case, I still think that Regifting Day should be Regifting Week, and/or it should be after the holidays, not before.  And I also think that we should rename regifting, since the very term seems offensive. (Thanks Jerry Seinfeld, but I still love you!!--- BTW, did you ever think of all the terms we use today that were coined on that show??!!)
OK, so look around today and gather up all of your "regiftables" --- and graciously regift something today!!  (or tomorrow, or the next day...!!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

National Regifting Day(s)??

   A couple of years ago, the "other" regifting website (actually I like it!!) declared the Thursday before Christmas as "National Regifting Day".  This year, that would make it December 17, and it's posted on their website.  In fact, I think there is a separate website just for that.  I'm not quite sure of the reason behind that particular day, however overall I think it's a great idea.  I'm suprised Hallmark hasn't designed a line of greeting cards to celebrate the occasion...(HEY! Maybe I should design some regiftable greeting cards... !)
  But there is some confusion.  Other websites declare December 18 as "National Regifting Day", which would make it Friday this year. Google it and you will see what I mean.  Last year, the Thurs. before Christmas was Dec. 18, that date has stuck with many.
  So which day is it??  Which day should we go out of our way to regift something...if we haven't already???!  Personally, I don't see a problem with acknowledging it both days!  After all, if you are going to dedicate an entire day to eliminate some excess inventory of your regiftables in the most gracious of regifting methods, one day is simply not enough time.  Two days is not much help, either, if you have a large regift closet.  Actually, an entire 7 days of "National Regifting Week" should be put on the calendar.  Just think about it-- each day could be something different, like Hanukkah or Kwanza, only without the religious or spiritual meaning.  I'm going to ponder the ways the days could be broken down and get back to this later.  Now I've got a bunch of ideas, and you know how scary that can be.....!  Till next time-!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday giveaway: Win a copy of ‘Regifting Revival!’

Holiday giveaway: Win a copy of ‘Regifting Revival!’

Holiday giveaway: Win a copy of ‘Regifting Revival!’

Hey, if you are still shopping for gifts....(I haven't even made lists yet--) this is a good way to get a FREE book!! Weeeoooo!! Send in your best regifting stories (even if you already told me...!) I'll post the best ones on my website and/or blog. (Be forewarned that everything that I post on this blog somehow gets posted on Facebook also, so if you know how to fix that, let me know...!) I get to help pick the winner, but I cannot be bribed...I'm pretty sure I can't...I doubt that I can...well, you could try...


Somebody-- was it you??-- suggested that people could submit their oddest, or most regiftable gift(ing) experience. Was it a gift you got? Or a gift you gave?? Or a gift that you got and then gave again??? Or did you get a gift that you have absolutely no idea how to graciously regift it, and would like some "reader response"?? It would be fun to hear about other's experiences, and depending on the submissions, maybe there could be a contest-- weekly? monthly?? T-shirts, or jewelry, or something for the winner. Readers vote for winner? I pick the winner?? Any ideas? Anyone? (Bueller?)

Ok, then I'll start....! Several years ago when I was still working as a bank manager, one of my "special" customers, whom I had helped on numerous occasions, gave me a "Thankyou" gift. She was elderly, about 90, and still had a wicked sense of humor-- she would tell me things that a) one wouldn't normally tell their banker; b) her banker didn't need to know; and c) her banker didn't want to know. I didn't open it till I got home, and I couldn't believe it. She had given me a pewter "Muscle Man Light Switch Cover". If you are having absolutely no reaction to this, then you obviously don't know what a "Muscle Man Light Switch Cover" is, or what it looks like. Or could look like, is probably a better visual. Take a look at the nearest light switch plate cover. Now imagine a pewter "muscle man" fashioned into it, straddling the light switch...ok, you don't have to keep flicking the switch-- you get the picture. Needless to say, I was shocked, amused--wait, definitely more amused than shocked. I seriously thought it was quite possible that she honestly didn't "get" where the switch would actually get flicked-- she just thought it was quite funny that a naked man would be embossed into a pewter lightswitch cover. It really was rather elegant looking--at first glance. I wasn't sure how to acknowledge her gift, so I just wrote her a note thanking her for her kindness and the lovely light switch cover, blah blah blah and didn't specifically mention the gifts "attributes". When she came in about a week later she strode up to my desk and, with a snide grin on her face asked me "Did you wonder where I got it?" After a slew of answers spun through my head, I decided to play dumb: "Good Morning, what are you talking about?" "Why the naked man thing I gave you! Did you show your husband? (oh, yeah...!!) "Oh, that- well yes, we thought it was lovely. We haven't found a place yet to put it, but we will...." "I got it from my granddaughter but where in the hell would I put something like that-- besides it was too heavy, but I figured you would like it!" HA! A REGIFT!! Well we had a good giggle about the "naked man" but never really got to the details... To this day I still don't really know if she knew what she had or not-- but I still have it, but where in the hell would I put it, and besides it is really heavy---but it's in my regift closet just waiting for the right person, right occasion... too bad my grandmother is deceased-- I figure she would have liked it!

Ok, now it's your turn...!



Do you think regifting will gain a wider acceptance this holiday?

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